The Actions of The Chief Twit

Koshy P. George CPA
2 min readNov 18, 2022

I am a keen student of Management styles of Entities. Never have I seen the type of brute force as how Musk exercises as a CEO in the running an Enterprise.

It is not funny or amusing. It is Wrong. It is an abuse. Lives & Families are getting disrupted.

America’s Compassionate Conservatism is getting rattled by the actions initiated I should like to think. No matter whatever justifications are offered by Musk & any coterie around him in as much as his actions as a “Chief Twitt”.

One’s Political positions does not matter. It’s an outrage.

A Corporation should never be run with a Whimsical Mindset. It’s dangerous.

One is getting a deeper entry into a mindset by his Cavalier Ways. Especially given the fact that he is involved with such Avante Garde areas such as Space, mobility on land and under ground too.

Such a person who even partners with governmental organizations such as NASA etc also becomes questionable, I should like to think.

I think his Car is a great car. I also marvel at SpaceX as a company or the prodigious nature of the guy to Think out of the Box & produce amazing deliverables.

But his Arrogance & Devil May care attitude is A NO NO.

One needs to Draw a Line.

The US Regulatory Authorities also need to check on his perhaps Going Nuts.

He has even irresponsibly spoken about monetary matters.

Eccentricity is common among Inventors.

There is a looming Risk.

I am just expressing my opinion.

I hope he does not shut down my car or my wife’s car. He has the potential to retaliate.

In the interest of Free Speech …let me see if he can find what I wrote palatable 😉

I do not think Corporate Regulators will let such mannerisms go unchecked.



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