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One of the Most Terrible Aspects of Indian Society, that Mahatma Gandhi clearly saw & experienced, when he reverse migrated back to 🇮🇳 INDIA (the land of his birth) from SOUTH AFRICA was the Awful Dread of The Caste System prevalent in All of India.

This man, Mahatma Gandhi: A Devout Hindu was also a Person who read The Bible & was deeply touched in manifold ways about The Central Personality of The Bible: The Lord Jesus Christ.

Mahatma Gandhi: A Lawyer & a highly educated man was able to clearly see that Christ is The Central Personality of The Bible that is comprised of The Old & The Néw Testament.

However he also saw the farcical ways of Apartheid South Africa & the Pretoria Regime that said that White South Africans were “Christians”.

Mahatma Gandhi was unable to RECONCILE the Truth stated in The Bible with the life & living of “The Christians & their Christianity”.

It was Mahatma Gandhi who told the Christians of South Africa:

[I like your Christ, but I hate your Christianity] Gandhi Ji was Absolutely Right & I as a follower of Christ admire Gandhi Ji’s Courage to call A ♠️ Spade, A Spade and tell it to the face of be it the Pretoria Apartheid Regime back then or to Sir Winston Churchill & “all the Christians of The British Raj”.

Look around in today’s world & it’s still a distortion. You have so much disparity & farcical ways in Christendom that brings disrepute to Christ & people want to run away as far from farce ways.

Gandhi Ji at the same time had a very close Christian Friend: The Rev. Charles F. Andrews. A friend who followed Gandhi Ji to India and also went to Jail with Gandhi Ji.


Gandhi Ji had the inner discernment to see the heart of a Human Being & not look at religious practices to make assessments.

That was a Unique Distinctive about Gandhi Ji.

There is a Reason why Gandhi Ji knew very well the following Christian Hymns:

  1. Lead Kindly Light
  2. 2. Abide with me (this was Gandhi Ji’s favorite Hymn)

[both these Hymns were played by the Indian Army Band regularly since Indian Independence annually as part of the Republic Day Celebrations. However over the last few years The RSS managed to ban these songs from ever being officially played just as The RSS cancelled Christmas Day 25th December as a Annual Holiday across India sending a signal that Christianity is Not Welcome in India just like similar signals in multifarious other ways to other faiths across India. Hate Politics on the move to sear the Conscience of Gandhi Ji & Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore and Other Founding Fathers of India.

Watch the Hollywood movie The Lion King & there you will see the exact replica of what I am trying to get across through this writeup.

Ofcourse Mahatma Gandhi Ji went about repairing the One Aspect that divides The Great Indian Society: THE CASTE SYSTEM.

Gandhi Ji determined to lead by example & gave up his Western Attire until then to wear the attire of the vast multitude of the Poor across India & to permanently identify with them.

Gandhi Ji at the same time Loved The Muslim & The Christian & The Jew & The Buddhist & The Jain & All Other Indians.

That was NOT ACCEPTABLE to The RSS (the Foster Patents of The Present Indian Prime Minister: Narendra Damodardas Modi).

The RSS was & is a group that embraces The Caste System as it suits them & raised Modi & 1000s’ like him over time to turn into deep seated Misanthropes & the “Best of Pretenders”. The RSS assassinated Mahatma Gandhi as they saw Mahatma Gandhi as a “Huge Threat” to their Misanthropic Ways.

Fast Forward to TODAY.

The Nation was Split into India 🇮🇳 & Pakistan 🇵🇰 in 1947. Just like there were The Talibanistic minded RSS there were similarly Talibanistic Minded Muslims & The British Raj that comprises of “Christians” decided to light a 🔥 fire between Muslims & Hindus to create a Wedge between these Two People groups.

75 Years Down The Road it’s still the same Caste System that divides India & Modi used it to his advantage 8 years ago to gain Political Power & hand over the Keys to The RSS to Practice HATE POLITICS to Rule 1.4 Billion People.

In True Classical Style what goes around comes around & just like in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth where Macbeth’s hands are soaked in blood of several committed murders, Modi & his hatchet Man: Amit Shah are struggling to stay in Power.

The Question in 2024 is Will Modi & The RSS Hate Politics as well as The Wretched Caste System that Mahatma Gandhi tried to get rid off still be The Curse Across India after The 2024 General Elections as Modi & The RSS desperately hunger to stay in Power & obliterate every other Faith that ever existed across India since Times Immemorial.

YES it’s indeed A Huge Question posed to India as a Whole:

Dear Indian do You choose The Vision of —

  1. Mahatma Gandhi for India (The Father of The Indian Nation)


2. The Hate Mongering of The RSS & it’s Political Leader (who also happens to masquerade as India’s Prime Minister with a mandate).

The Year 2024 is indeed A Year that Makes or Mars India 🇮🇳 for ever Post 2024 Elections outcome.

Choose Wisely as The India of Today could forever be gone.

March for The Sake of India. The India that gave me so much.

I felt inspired to write this blog as I feel for India as She has so much to offer The World & She is A Ship that needs an Anchor to hold Her.

: That Anchor is in Love

& Never in hate. Do Not let The RSS & similar minions rip apart India.

Remember A Nation is not destroyed as much by External Enemies of a Nation than an enemy from within.

The RSS is the Enemy of India from within & I hope Indians will be stirred enough to Recognize that fact come 2024.



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