Lessons in the Journey of Doing Life…some tid bits from me

Koshy P. George CPA
3 min readDec 11, 2022


Some of the Most Useful Lessons I learnt through the Continuing Experiences with Racism, Bullying & Harassment here in the USA that my family & I have & continue to encounter & experience daily is that:

#1. It’s Always IMPORTANT to Live in The NOW.

#2. Do Not remorse over the Past but Always attempt to Collect Your Bearings & with a renewed mind Always Look Ahead, Speak Your Mind.

DO NOT get way laid by Attorneys who are supposed to guide you. Don’t get me wrong, You do need this community known as “Attorneys” but Do Not let them hold you Hostage to “Their Thinking”. They do this to ratchet up their Billings. It’s unfortunately True. You learn this The Hard Way. Attorneys are Not Always well meaning. They want to make money off your back & they thrive on Your Emotional Predicament.

There is a slang usage that goes this way: “An Attorney will always Royally Screw You”. It will take a while before you figure it out. They are Not at all Trustworthy & it’s a game they play.

I puke at this accursed profession of Attorneys. They are white collar liars. All they are ever interested is Profiteering off Your Miseries. This is true of the worst of the worst scum bags who are Divorce Attorneys. I know some good friends who have been picked clean by Attorneys.

In my entire Professional Life I have come across Good Attorneys & bad ones.

One Attorney I have great respect for from India is:

Late Nani Palkhivala. I was blessed to learn from him during my Chartered Accountancy student days back in Néw Delhi, India. Meeting him & shaking hands with him as a Student back then I will Never Forget.

Yet another Attorney I have Great Respect & hold in awe is:

Late Horatio Spafford of Chicago. He is the one who wrote the Christian Hymn:

“It is Well, with my soul”.

There is another great Attorney Professor I knew back in Néw Delhi during my student days:

Atty. R. D. Maheshwari. A tremendous walking talking encyclopedia on Law.

Good Attorneys are a Rare Breed.

It’s not about Attorney Fees. That is Not the Point. One has to pay for Good Advice. Attorneys make money due to their Knowledge, Skill & Tact. A Good Attorney is worth his/her weight in Gold.

#3. In Life it’s IMPORTANT to Stay Encouraged & pick up the Pieces & move onward!

#4. Dealing with Racism, Hate, Bullying, Harassment is NOT Easy. Many times you are Alone in such battles. At times some join with You but mostly you are on your own howsoever much Society advances.


REMEMBER: If it was NOT EASY for #RosaParks or #drmartinlutherkingjr Then Why Would it be Easy for You, when You come face to face with this Ugly Evil? Think about That.

Money is Not Everything in Life.


That is it, folks. I wanted to communicate while charging my car, tonight at the Charging Station.

I Hope you can glean & mull over my writings & sharing.

I don’t hold pitty parties & I am Not Complaining. I am a Thinking human being who has made heck of a lot of mistakes in Life and learnt from them & still Trying to Learn. I am disposed towards writing & airing my views with No Malice towards Anybody.

I write & express Thinking it might be an encouragement to someone out there in the Virtual Space.

I don’t live in Fear as some people do.

What is there to be afraid of than “Fear” itself?

Some People like me & others hate me.

That is OK.

I don’t Hate Anyone.





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