HATE & Politics of Hate

Koshy P. George CPA
5 min readDec 3, 2022

The person on the Left has spent Millions of Dollars or Crores upon Crores of Indian Rupees to Destroy & Tarnish the image & persona of the person on The Right.

The person on the left got almost an Entire Nation of 1.4 Billion people to hate the person on the right.

Can you imagine that the Führer to the left even got the entire official Media to tow his line of Misanthropy??? Yet today that is what the Führer has indeed almost sought to be accomplished much as it’s all getting Scuttled away right before The Führer’s eyes. No Wonder the Führer is even more mad & in The Late US President Ronald Reagan’s favorite words “heebie-jeebies”…..I am inclined to imagine that The Emperor is getting the heebie-jeebies these days more & more!

I myself have heard in person countless lies told about the person on the right in May 2014 right here in Silicon Valley that left me Stunned. The person on the left’s cronies did that for the person on the left with eagerness.

YET The Person on the right has not been pulverized & destroyed but rises like a Phoenix from

Ashes day by day with each passing moment.

BITTERNESS is a Terrible Pill. I do not know how an Emperor/Saint handles that 24/7 being bitter towards a Bete Noire although the object of hate has even hugged the person on the left & hugged him too in full public glare in the Indian Parliament not too long ago!

The Person on the Left is The “Emperor of India”. With a well crafted image on which several countless millions have been spent to erect to even beyond being an Emperor to that of “A Venerable Saint” in flesh & blood.

So much so that even The Father of The Indian Nation: The Mahatma who willingly gave up the shirt on his back to save an entire nation from Tyranny & colonial bondage some 75+ years ago…..that very Mahatma is sought to be made to pale into insignificance & ignominy by the World wide fans of The contemporary Misanthrope to the left, to have their ways. I hate to think that Haters would be ruling India for ever beyond 2024.

I cannot imagine A Nation that constitutes 20% of The World’s Population wallowing in Hate yet again after a Decade of practicing Hate-in-progress. Would the Indian Populace have had enough of “hate Mongering” by the very people who stage managed the assassination of the Father of The Indian Nation? In case the readers have forgotten I am referring to The Mahatma who interestingly was born in the same State: Gujarat where The Contemporary Emperor of India was born too. The one who went by the name: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who went on to be hailed Mahatma Gandhi and on who a famous Hollywood Movie was made titled “Gandhi”. Surely the Emperor would want a movie made on himself. The Emperor unlike The Mahatma changes his attire atleast Four Times on any given day & by that token alone spends much more than the Late Imelda Marcos of The Philippines!!!

A Shirtless Mahatma of Porbandar and South Africa fame. from the not too distant past that the world knows well & compare that with a huge contrast in A reigning Emperor who is fully clothed in fine attire & Always.

Hate is NEVER a substitute for Love.

Masquerade is NEVER a substitute for Genuineness & Commitment.

Lies NEVER triumph over Truth.

Hate is a Divider where as Love binds.

It’s a Preposterous scenario albeit the fact that it’s all True & in continuity.

Will Hate triumph over Love in Politics?

Can Hate be stroked forever to Win Elections?

Will INDIA: the Nation (prior to the Emperor’s Ascendancy in the Year 2014) & an INDIA that has given me so much, be radically & fundamentally be altered after The Emperor’s reign continues even beyond 2024?

Will Non Hindutva minded Indians even have Voting Rights after 2024 during The unimaginable & unthinkable Reign of The Emperor in perpetuity???

What Fate affects A Nation after 2024?

Will A Nation crafted in Love by Her Founding Fathers for All Faiths and even those who don’t ascribe to any Faith be able to live Peacefully as The Emperor touts Hindutva (a hate filled infestation) beyond 2024 as The Pill 💊 to be eaten by all Indians?

Will The Emperor deliberately Start a War with the Nation to her North Western Border so that The Emperor & Hate Mongers can Rule in Perpetuity???

The above are all Rhetorical Questions that I do not know has Answers just yet….However I am Persuaded that LOVE TRIUMPHS OVER ALL hate. Let’s wait until 2024 to know minus Anxieties.

Can “The Politics of Hate” perpetrated & envisioned by The Hate Monger in Chief: The Emperor ever End across The Length & Breadth of 🇮🇳???

Can Prosperity & Development as Envisioned by The Emperor of India Aurangzeb …I mean Narendra Damodardas Modi not be accomplished in Love as opposed fanning & festering & festooning Hate from his Throne Room???

These & That are & is The Huge Poser of Question/s to The Voting Electorate across India be it in remaining 2022, the Entire 2023 & into 2024 when The Emperor is expected to seek Re Election.

Better still will he even Permit an Election to Happen???

Or Sulk & behave like “Miss Havisham” the Character in Legendary 19th Century Classic British Novelist Charles Dickens’s:

“GREAT EXPECTATIONS” …..I do wonder many a times these days…as he gets a continuous thrill in destroying Rahul Gandhi almost similarly like Miss Havisham did to young Pip in that Classic Novel mentioned above: Great Expectations?

Until then Que Sera, Sera.



Koshy P. George CPA

I am a CPA in San Jose, CA. Besides tweaking the Mighty Abacus I enjoy Writing, Singing on #Smule, Playing musical Instruments, Food of Various kinds & Cuisine