Koshy P. George CPA
3 min readNov 23, 2022

Below is a piece I felt drawn to write & to share with you.

[In this short earthly living BE THANKFUL year on year if You Do Not Experience any of these as stated in the Picture I put together below.

We as a Family have Experienced each of these Daily & Continually since around 10 am Pacific Standard Time from 30 November, 2020 onwards.

That is Why I say, BE THANKFUL ALWAYS if you do not have Troubles.

These are different from the loss of a loved one & other known events of life that brings grief that is common to all humans.

BUT when a knock comes on your door & brings unknown Troubles just because you had to cut down two Palm Trees 🌴 🌴 that are 100% on Your Property & you have full rights to take them down due to Medical Reasons and you have the right permissions to do so….

Later that very innocent act leads to so many torturous calamities to jettison you out of your home & continuing on to destroy you with a Venomous Vendetta and Nights without end experiences similar to living in a Nazi Concentration Camp with abuses flung at you, strong lights directed at your Bedroom Windows, your child bullied relentlessly & as a net effect your Child’s personality is affected, her grades are affected etc & you have no Choice but to seek Help & Help is a Never Ending Monetary Drain too then Your Life gets Consumed right before your eyes little by little & inch by inch and You look around & seek Help but No Help is really forth coming that Quells The Menace and it’s Hell Daily as You are Stretched & Stretched because the innermost desire of the Human Being against all odds is …..I WANT TO LIVE!

That is Why I say:

BE THANKFUL that You do not have Trouble/s cause those types of troubles can Destroy you Mentally & Physically & Financially.

  1. Mental Peace
  2. 2. Financial Health
  3. 3. Physical Wellbeing

The above are Essential Ingredients for any Human Being in This Short earthly life & living.

It’s your worst Hell on Earth if that Tormentor in Your Life happens to be a Lawyer & one who is hell bent on wickedness.


May each of You NEVER EVER Experience a Knock on Your Front Door ever that comes to Destroy You.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to Each of You from The George Family of San Jose, CA.

We know we will come through this ongoing Living Hell Experiences.

We just Hope that those Three Vital Ingredients I referred to above will experience a rejuvenation in all three of us towards a better understanding of Life & the meaning and purpose of LIVING.

Despite the desperateness of our being & present situations we still have much to be THANKFUL for & we indeed are despite these fetters that bind us from the Full Potential of LIVING.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING & May I request each of You to say a Prayer for us that we as a Family will indeed be “Delivered from Evil” & that Hope will indeed spring Alive.

Miracles do happen & we believe in Miracles against all odds, otherwise The Very Meaning & Purpose of Life itself is Defeated & that must Never Happen.]



Koshy P. George CPA

I am a CPA in San Jose, CA. Besides tweaking the Mighty Abacus I enjoy Writing, Singing on #Smule, Playing musical Instruments, Food of Various kinds & Cuisine