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Koshy P. George CPA
2 min readNov 12, 2022


| चाइ | චායි |

(That Ubiquitous Hot Brew of The Indian Subcontinent)

Yesterday Afternoon Enjoyed a wonderful Piping Hot Spicy South Indian Chai [சாய் ] with The Mrs. over a Lunch Date on a nippy Friday here in Silicon Valley.

I feel like I am in Chennai (Madras) | Tamil Nadu | India right here in the heart of Silicon Valley! The Chai we enjoyed was the brew & how it’s made in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu | India.

Cross over to the other side of the border & you would be in the State of my origins: Kerala: where the same brew would taste very different.

That is the Amazing Aspect of this Indian Brew: Chai.

I say…..How Marvelous is that!!! One Nation with 29 States & Union territories too & in each State & territory the Chai tastes different & is even pronounced differently. Above in the heading to this blog I mentioned Chai in some of the many languages across the Indian Subcontinent.

Infact I want to go on to state that The Diversity you find in The Indian Subcontinent is evident from the Very Brew that me & the Mrs. sipped & enjoyed.

Note: The Pronunciation of Chai ubiquitously referred to as Tea is different in South India & North India.

….& Ofcourse The brew itself tastes different across regions in India.

It’s Wonderful to Taste Chai across Indian Restaurants in The Silicon Valley Bay Area.

Practically Every Region of India is represented here & hence Each Region’s Restaurants too! That means each Region’s Chai too is represented here.

Ofcourse Not to be forgotten….The Former Rulers of India Undivided: The British Empire also took The Chai Leaf all across England & Europe and Tea became a gigantic Industry.

HOWEVER Tea is Tea & Chai is A Chai known and enjoyed in multidimensional ways across The Indian Subcontinent.

What Beer is to The West is चाय to The Indian Subcontinent 😉

& there ends my snippets of information & A Lesson on

#GetToKnow. #india. & The #IndianSubContinent in The Silicon Valley Bay Area!



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