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Note: A True Story from my life.

The Year was 1989 & I was a newly minted Professional Accountant back in Néw Delhi | India.

My Father was highly influential & could have used his influence to help me land a plush job & future.

But I wanted to achieve success My Way & it was rough doing so back in India.

I struggled to make money on my own & felt troubled that I was hitting a Wall & it was tough making it. Every time I was discouraged my Dad would tell me: “Son why are you struggling like this ? You know I can help you land a Kool Job”

But that is Not me. That trait has stayed with me all along.

I started my own small business teaching Guitar at age 16 & saved up enough to by a Motor Bike at age 19.

I am not a giving up kind of guy.

Going back to the early years of struggle in New Delhi I met Evangelist P. G. Vergis at his Masjid Moth residence in 1989. A lady at the Prayer Meeting prayed over me & started Prophesying much over me.

Given to a logic driven mind I dismissed in my mind all that She prophesied over me.

Decades later I am in 2022 & reminded of that Lady today.

A lot of those things She said back in Circa 1989 are beginning to fall into a pattern here in the USA with this ongoing Bullying | Racism & Harassments.

I am Just stunned by how Surreal it all feels actually living & going through these excruciating experiences.

I remember Evangelist P. G. Vergis tell me, that Lady is rarely wrong about anything she prophesies. I wonder where that Lady is Today.

In any case I remember her saying that in the end I would come out of it all successfully.

RIGHT NOW, I just don’t know.

All I know is a lot of money I saved up for my Daughter’s Future Education is all gone fighting Racism | Bullying & Harassments in America that we are being subjected to for Now close to 2 years.

It’s Not Fun. Our lives are being drained & it’s very discouraging.

I have not volunteered for this untold sufferings.

If in the End of All this, if The City of San Jose comes up with a Law on ZERO TOLERANCE for Bullying | Racism & Harassment I would consider it all Worth it.

I sincerely hope No One Else Ever suffers what my Wife, Our Daughter & I have been through over the Last Two years.

It’s A Shame that Bullying | Racism & Harassments are Tolerated in American Society & tough to fight it & Stop it.

I hope We Eventually are able to put the Bully in place & in doing so Laws of The Land undergo A Transformation.

Even though I have become a Spent Force fighting this Evil in American Society, if Quality of Life improves for Future Immigrants to America, that would be Wonderful.

I Cannot Imagine Ever Apartheid In America 🇺🇸 in any Corner in The Land of Abe Lincoln | Rosa Parks | Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In this ongoing 21st Century.

We Should NEVER Permit that to Continue Ever as Americans.



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